Everything To Know About Screen Printing And Its Ranking

What is screen printing?

A printing procedure in which mesh is used for transferring ink on the substrate is known as screen printing. Cotton and silk fabrics are used in the printing process for finishing the product. This printing suitable for a high level of vivacity to make the products special and brighter on dark shirts. Silk is an older technique while the polyester is replaced with it to make the prints a good reflection. It is not a precise skill and can be manually handled. It is done in bulk and suitable for animated designs. 

Process of screen printing: 

For the preparation of screen printing South Yarra the following steps are needed to follow: 

  • All the colours are arranged in a queue for printing. 
  • Screens are lined up. 
  • A sample print is taken on the sheet for surety of colours management. 
  • The ink of one colour is strapped on the fabric.
  • Each track is run in the queue for the supply of ink. 
  • the final print is ready.
  • Finishing is done to make the print attractive. 

Benefits of screen printing: 

Here are some common benefits of screen printing: 

  • Screen printing is not just limited to shirts, jackets, purse, flags, banners and quality signage are also lowdown for printing. 
  • You can get custom designs and results according to or suitable for your product. 
  • You can explore different choices of fabric such as silk, polyester and viscose for screen printing.
  • You can get high quality or best results than digital printing. 
  • It is more durable for your long-term projects and requirements. 
  • You can get this printing on a variety of printing materials such as glass, electronics, banners, wood, sings and textiles. 
  • It is easy to print on your required areas with suitable printing materials. 

Screen printing Vs digital printing

In screen printing, the thick ink layer is used while in digital printing the layer of ink is applied thinner. Screen printing shows inspiring and brighter results on dark fabrics and shirts while digital printing has lighter effects on dark products. Screen printing is considered more suitable than digital printing because it has many modern techniques and qualities of printing. 

Feedback about screen printing

There are many benefits of screen printing for famous and large businesses to make their products prominent and special. It is measured as a professional and economical method of marketing for many companies. It is a big order friendly and has great finishing. It is suitable for large organizations that want marketing whole over the world or country. Many companies are offering screen printing on your affordable budget, Sudden Exposure is one of them. They create high quality of prints on your demand. They work professionally and prepares print on time to complete the printing projects. Enjoys their services for the marketing of your business as well as of your products within your affordable budget.